Action Plans toward meeting our Goals and Milestones

The following action plans for each school have been designed to align the contract programme goals and milestones with the required action/outcome.
Lead teachers and Principals can check off each action as addressed within the time frame with a comment such as "done" or with greater detail.
Doing this will help you to accumulate data - be that a system, document, or gathering of dialogue, photo, movie, child's work, podcast etc that will ensure you are on track to meeting milestones. If you have addressed an expected outcome in an amazing way, sharing details in the "discussion" will mean that other cluster schools can learn from your success in some way.

This wiki has been made "public" which means you do not need a log on name or password to add to pages. YAY!!! Simply click on "edit page" to add to the action plan when an expected outcome has been met. Or, click on 'discussion' to record more detail that you want to add to your milestone reporting down the track.

For your school action plan click on your school name below:

Lake Rerewhakaaitu
Waikite Valley