Term One Action Plan and Milestones

Milestone 9 is due JUNE 6. Together we can expect to report on the following goals. If the action plans below are adhered to each term with annotated notes and data gathering as the term progresses reporting to these goals should be easier.

  • Liaise with the National Support Services Facilitator assigned to the cluster.
  • Provide a brief overview of progress in the following three areas: Implementation of the cluster programme, Leadership and strategic planning, Development of a professional learning community
  • Provide a brief report on progress from each school.
  • Report on the impact for cluster personnel of the ‘Learning at School’ Conference.
  • Provide a statement of all financial expenditure of ICT PD contract funds as of 31 December of the preceding year
  • Collaborative learning for both students and teachers across the cluster is established and being hosted by the online cluster space.
  • In school systems and structures have allowed opportunities for staff and students to lead in the development and up skilling of colleagues in ICT skill and best practice.
  • Teachers/Leaders pedagogical understanding is evident in best practice teaching and leading of learning communities.

Expected Outcome
Action (how)
Actual Outcome
Leading Learning:Principals and Lead Teachers

  • Time has been provided for teachers to share/access/discuss learning from L@S 08
  • Lead Teacher has accessed presenters material and matched appropriate resources to teachers/school needs
  • Principal has scheduled time for Lead Teacher and staff to do this
  • Lead Teacher
  • Principal
By end of Term 1
Jenni and Melanie shared with the staff what they experienced there and what got them inspired 25 March 2008
Lead Teacher Job Description
  • Negotiated and clearly defined Lead Teacher job description for 08
  • Negotiated and projected Lead Teacher job description for 09 included in strategic planning or 5YP.
  • Staff/Principal/Lead Teacher/BOT have written the job description for the Lead Teacher in 08 - please consider ICT contract requirements and school ICT strategic planning
  • BOT/Principal/Lead Teacher have considered what the job description for role of Lead Teacher in 2009 and beyond - - please consider ICT contract requirements and school ICT strategic planning
  • Lead Teacher/Principal / BOT/Staff
  • Lead Teacher/Principal / BOT/Staff
  • End of Term 1
  • End of Term 2
Job Description for 2008 signed and sealed 8 April 2008
Professional Dialogue
  • Learn and become aware of questioning to foster professional dialogue
  • Use created questions and practice professional dialogue
  • Increase professional dialogue between staff about practice
  • Attend Lead Teacher/Principal Hui
  • Download professional dialogue questions from cluster website
  • Be explicit about using professional dialogue with colleagues one-on-one, during staff gatherings, in staff appraisal and display these questions in the staff room
  • Lead Teacher and Principal
  • Lead Teacher and Principal
  • Lead Teacher and Principal
  • Feb 27
  • By March 31
  • In term 1

Staff Meetings
  • At least two staff meeting per term are focussed on contract goals
  • A plan for staff meetings to become professional learning focussed and housekeeping moved to other times or via email/intranet
  • Principals will ensure that time is made for these staff meetings
  • Together Principals and Lead Teachers will plan for these and facilitate these
  • Lead Teacher/Principal/Staff collaborate on planning professional learning focussed staff meetings
  • Lead Teacher and Principal upskill self and staff on using email/network/intranet/ whiteboard/communications book for housekeeping matters.
  • Principal
  • Lead Teacher and Principal
  • All staff
  • Lead Teacher and Principal
  • Term 1
  • Term 1
  • Term 1
  • Term 1
Term 1 Staff discussion on Ict Contract Why? (Values and Beliefs? an What? (Positives)
Term 1 Jenni, Erica, Mel and Rochelle had a meeting to discuss EPS surveys. A further discussion with all staff is timetabled for term 2.
Staff meetings begining in term 2.
ICT tools, skills and strategies
  • “ICT Café/Techie Breakfasts” incorporated into the in school staff development programme, with the objective of meeting technical /software needs.
  • Cluster wide ICT rubric used and added to
  • Mental Berocca
  • Lead Teachers and Principals plan for quick ICT update workshops in school to begin in Term 2 that will allow all teachers to lead in in someway
  • Lead Teachers add to and use the cluster wide rubric to assist in staff development
  • All staff attend Mental Berocca for pd.
  • Principal and Lead Teacher
  • Lead Teacher
  • Staff and Rochelle
  • Term 1
  • Term 1
  • March 18/19
All staff attended Mental Beroccas Term 1

ICT Administration Handbook
  • Shared
  • read and understood by LT, Principal and BOT
  • Rochelle to email out
  • To be printed, read and shared to staff and BOT
  • Rochelle
  • Principal
  • Term 1
  • Term 1

Cluster Action Plan and Programme
  • read and understood
  • clearly communicated to staff
  • by Principal and Lead Teacher printing out and emailing to staff
  • by all staff using the cluster space calendar
  • Principal and Lead Teacher
  • All staff
  • Term 1
  • Term 1
Emailed to all staff 08 April 08
Teaching and Learning

X cluster learning communities
  • visiting schools to identify best practice
  • unite teachers across cluster to plan for connecting classrooms
  • Teachers of middle school children to be released for a day to visit other schools
  • Teachers of senior school released to plan a collaborative project
  • Middle school teachers & Rochelle
  • Senior school teachers & Rochelle
  • April 1
  • March 26
Mel and Erica attended Middle School visit to other schools.
Mel Participating in Senior school planning.
Teacher Appraisal
  • Personal teacher inquiries with regard to ICT are aligned with school appraisal systems and involve a small learning community beyond the immediate school environment.
  • Principals provide space and time for including teacher inquiry or ICTPD learning in the staff appraisal system and an eg of this system is shared via the cluster space in "our new curriculum"
  • All cluster teachers are prepared to share learning with the cluster in some way this year.
  • Principal
  • All cluster teachers with Lead Teacher/Facilitator
  • end of Term 1
  • started in term one