Building a Plane in Flight!

Rochelle's ICT Journey

This advertisement created by EDS was bought to my attention by a good friend of mine. She got me to thinking about our profession as teachers in these times. As a teacher I "build the plane in flight", I feel the exhilaration that those engineers describe, the pressure of the atmosphere. Not so long ago teachers could not have possibly "launched" into flight until the "plane was built" and may be that is how you feel now? I would like you to join me in reflecting on this analogy and the relationships between "building a plane in flight" and teaching today and in the future. Over the next fortnight I will add a podcast to each of the statements below. I hope I can evoke and provoke you. Share your thinking by adding to the discussion page above.

  • Fuel, plane, destination, flight path - all ready for take off!!!.....HOW BORING!!
  • Our passengers are diverse - must we buckle them in?
  • What would you go for...a one way ticket, return trip or around the the world?
  • Analogies to fuel the flight.