Reporoa Valley Schools Online Cluster 08


Life long learners take one step at a time to success and more challenges!
What would one of your footprints of your ICT learning journey look like?
How can you step others through their journey?

Welcome to our very first and very unique online cluster conference.
Join our teachers and our classrooms as they step us through a pathway along their ICT learning journey.

Step your way through our conference by navigating through the links below. Remember to come back throughout the term to visit new pathways.

It can be a lonely journey to step through on your own, so please support your colleagues and cluster classrooms by contributing to discussions on their page. And because we all love stepping toward a treat or two in life, discussion posts that contribute to quality professional dialogue can look forward to a wee treat to brighten up your day!

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Breakout One - Week Two

"Building a Plane in Flight" - Rochelle
Our Inquiry Learning about Wasps - Room 2 and Lesley, Horohoro
Bugs in the Garden - Room 1 and Vicki, Lake Rerewhakaaitu

Breakout Two - Week Three to Four

LEARNZ - Lynn from Mihi
Live Chat - from 4m to 5pm, August 4
Animals in Captivity - Room and Jenny, Lake Rerewhakaaitu
Whanau Kowhaiwhai - Room 3 and Mel, Broadlands
Class wiki - Room 3 and Jasmine, Waikite Valley
Comiclife, Kidpix and Umajin- Room 3 and Awhina, Horohoro

Breakout Three - Week Five to Six

Interactive Whiteboards- join the debate, Graeme Taylor
Live Chat - from 4m to 5pm, August 18
Creative Kidz- Room 2 and Erica, Broadlands
Skrbl an online whiteboard - Ann and class, Lake Rerewhakaaitu
A Podcast Hit Single - Rachell and her Year 6 Students, Horohoro
(to share comments or ask questions of the Rachell above please go to the discussion tab of this page)
From Reporoa to Texas! - Chrys and Room 4, Reporoa
Mihi Ski Programme - Liz, Mihi

Breakout Four - Week Seven to Eight
Creating a School Vision - Craig
Inspiration with Inspiration- Denise, Waikite Valley
Room3@Mihi - Shelly and Room 3, Mihi
Gremlins in the Classroom - from Juliet, Reporoa

Breakout Five - Week Nine to Ten