Creating a shared vision for school.....

Over the last 2 years our school has been working towards developing a shared vision. It has taken time. This is ok as I wanted to make sure that we didn't just create something quickly that we could tick off and say that it was complete. The video clip below is something that we have looked at briefly. It is only 1 minute and may leave you wondering....."ha!ha! but what's the point???" Do it - click away..

What is the point??????

To be honest I'm not totally sure however somewhere is a message for us about teaching children in the 21st century.
What inspires/engages them? What are they into? Aren't they creative?

Why is it that so many kids lose interest in school? The big question must be HOW CAN WE ENGAGE KIDS WITH MEANINGFUL LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES????????????????

Back to the movie - this would have taken a lot of planning, brainstorming, testing, creating etc. In reality, being boys, they probably didn't bother with the planning and just did it (another message maybe?). The result was a funny and clever clip.

Creating a School Vision

We have spent time as a staff, with students, BOT and parent evenings discussing what it means to be at Waikite Valley School. We viewed the Sir Ken Robinson talk from the TED conference titled " Schools Kill Creativity" (See below 20 minutes). This is a great talk and created wonderful discussion amongst parents and teachers. There has been tension, challenging of views, parents speaking in raised voices, agreement, heads nodding, and lots of thinking.

Our journey is progressing. I suspect that we will not arrive at the end - does it end? What would Sir Ken think of the magic pencil video? The challege has been laid for with the release of the curriculum.
Fasten your seatbelts and go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!