Data Collection

Year 3 Reporoa Cluster
We need to start talking about ideas around data collection for the exit from the contract in Dec 2008.

1. How are we going to collect data?
2. What should we collect data on?
3. What is the evidence base we are working from to draw conclusions about teacher progress in the ICT PD cluster over the last 3 years?

There is an exit survey like the baseline which is sent out by Vince Ham at Core Ed but this looks at quite a narrow area of progress and doesn't link specifically to our cluster goals or our school action plans.

We are considering looking at our school strategic plan and seeing what evidence we have that the ICT PD has impacted on them over the last 3 years.
This comes back to what Merryn talked about around alignment of everything we do.

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Rochelle here, this looks like the type of topic for discussion during sessions with Merryn in Term 3 and 4. Dates for time spent with Merryn have not been set yet as Merryn has been away. Along with your comments to the above, please include dates that would suit you to spend a half day or day with merryn as the management team going over data collection.

I think we should consider how far we have come re cross- cluster collaboration. Ie:Sharing opportunities and also how many teachers have visited other schools to see for themselves another teacher's ICT programme in action......It might also be an idea to see if this wiki gets more "hits" as the year progresses.. Are the contributions immediately after the workshops or are they ongoing during the terms?
Lynn here: How many of our teachers can now teach another learner how make a podcast, use animation......use moviemaker
From Margaret - Have any teachers kept a learning journal of their journey through this contract - photos, annecdotes or other?
Build an online data base of our cluster "experts" teachers and children.
Can we interview some of the children who have been around for the 3years and record their views?
Questions we have used for Teacher reflection –

Questions for Teacher reflection –

1. How is your practice changing? (What are some of the things that you have changed in your teaching practice since the beginning of the contract in Term One 2006?)

2. Why is your practice changing? (Who or what has influenced you? What are some of the surprises you have had? What makes you want to change?)

3. Where to next? (What would you like to try? Who would you like to visit? Where do you want to be?)

4. How can we make it happen? (What support, resources or other help would get you there?)