Feedback from Home Group and Regional meetings

What are these?

Home Group meetings are held once a term and involve all Project Directors and Cluster Facilitors in the region. They are facilitated by the National Facilitator for the region.
Regional Meetings are a day of professional development related to the goals and needs of the MOE ICTPD. They are attended by Project Directors and Cluster Facilitators and are open to any cluster staff. They are great days full of practical and mind stretching stuff.

Waikato Bay of Plenty Regional Meeting

Hosted by the x-Roads Cluster
Tuesday June 17th at Ohaupo School on SH 3 just south of the Hamilton

The session will start at 10a.m. with coffee available from 9.30.
The focus of the day is targeting excellence in learning – both within the cluster and within the classroom. The day will consist of three progressive workshops:-

Going SOLO - a look at the SOLO Taxonomy in relation to goal setting and planning for excellence. There will be information and activities to enable everyone to really get a good grasp of the various stages and what they mean for goal setting, implementation and reflection by cluster personnel, teachers and students.

So What? - looking at how can this taxonomy can be used to raise achievement for students in classrooms, for teacher understanding of 21st century learning, and for a successful cluster programme. This will be focused around the work that is going to be occurring this term and next, so please come with your action plans and work plans in mind. We will work in focus groups based on role (facilitators, principals, teachers) and / or class level to use the taxonomy for goal setting and reflection on progress.

Move Over - strategies and technologies to use in classrooms, staffrooms, cluster workshops and cluster management meetings to extend achievement across to the right of the taxonomy.

A wiki space has been set up at and later this week will be populated with a map of how to find the school. It will then become the repository for the activities and resources from the workshop.

BOP Home Group Meeting Term 2

Held at Welcome Bay School, attended by Rochelle, Juliet A and Margaret C from our cluster
Cluster Snapshots were shared here are the points of interest:
Lynn Ross - Ohope Cluster
  • Shared secrets to getting the online community happening well within this cluster in its second year and second faciliator. By buying a domain name, their interact site hosted by centre4 is more accessible as the url is a difficult to remember.
  • She believes that online communities such as this should be open and not passworded so that all teachers can share good practice across the country.
  • She coaxes staff to contribute to the space and spontaneous contributions made by choice are rewarded with winegums and chocolate bars!
  • Visit their cluster happenings at
Lorraine Watchorn - RELLCO (Rotorua East Lakes Learning Community) Cluster
  • Shared how this cluster has been established with a bang. In its first year the teachers are well on the way with their ICT in learning journey. Visit their learning here
  • Of particular interest was the combined BOT meeting held in term one that enabled the BOT to get a good handle on the contract goals.
  • Check out this inquiry game based concept being explored by a class and their families all through a collaborative wiki - it is powerful!
  • Principals are already required to report on how their staff are developing with their ICT goals - this is as a form of recognition to the staff as well as growth in the cluster
  • A class has started a wiki totally immersed in Te Reo - they would love interaction from other classes who can contribute in Te Reo. Visit the RELLCO site to find out more.
Margaret Civil - Reporoa Valley Schools Cluster
  • Shared this resource "Standards for the 21st Century Learner"
  • Shared a Lead Teachers reflection on the learning gained from the contract
  • Shared the two online spaces used: interact hosted by REC and the Cluster wiki
  • Rochelle shared how voicethread is connecting some of our senior classes
Jan Marie Kellow - Coromandel Cluster
  • Discussed the challenge of distance with this rural cluster and a change in 4/5 Lead Teachers for this second year
Judi Buckley - Waimarino Cluster
  • Thanked other clusters for members contributing to their mini conference on June 20
  • Reflected on the success of the mini conference last year and that this personalised approach seemed greater value to more teachers than L@S conference.
  • Shared ways to review and survey cluster development
Paula Jamieson - Te Whakatipuranga Hou
  • Cluster is in first year, started this term, shared her workshops on web 2 tools.
  • Visit their space here

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