ICT in the Classroom Rubric

There are endless possibilities for integrating ICT into the clasroom. The Lead Teachers of the Reporoa Valley Schools cluster have developed this baseline rubric as a starting point. Feel free to add to this where you see fit.

Digital Camera - video mode
learn to take and download
student learns the basics
use for retelling / vod casting
students and teachers use this function to record and reflect on learning and integrates into digital portfolio
Digital camera - still
learn to take and download
use to record learning moments
used to record learning process
used by students to capture school or class vision and culture to enforce and share class growth
external image insert_table.gifPodcasting
use podcasts from around the world as learning resources
Learn how to podcast
use podcasting to share learning
create podcasts to share learning, collaborate with others as a form of inquiry
Search engines
use to find resources
begin to understand key words
use skills of information literacy to refine searching
use advanced search options
Websites (web 1.0)
use to find information
begin to use with students and integrate info literacy skills
critical literacy skills are developed from using websites
websites are but one of a range of sources of information
Green screening
Learn how to green screen using a range of applications
Problem solve common issues eg lighting
Use green screening techniques to reinforce learning
Use green screening techniques to teach someone else something (not how to green screen) eg answer some of our wonderings with video evidence like can ants swim?, do spiders have noses?, how do scorpions reproduce?
Movie making
Research an authentic purpose linked to visual language or other curriculum area or key competency
Learn how to use the application

Critically view the movie with a set of co-constructed criteria for assessment

Recreate a 2nd version of the movie incorporating the criteria for assessment. Compare the 1st and 2nd drafts for improvements.
Students using podcasts to reflect on their own learning
Students are already familiar with the basic skill
Students view podcasts and give critical feedback/feed forward (Any topic e.g. reading samples, oral language skills)
A second sample can be taken and students can reflect on their own progress and improvements
Students learn the basics of blogging
eg: Blogger.com,
Students develop an awareness/understanding
that blogging targets world-wide audience by seeing the 'Hit Counter' and 'Cluster Map' tools, and provides for instant communication/feedback
View blog entries from other schools/educationalists
Experiment with class blog/group blog
Students create individual blogs to profile/showcase learning with a view to 'Reporting to Parents' or 'Home/School' communication means